The Flying Ace (theflyingace) wrote in cm_net,
The Flying Ace

The 6th Annual Oskar Awards are here!!!

"Guest presenter Captain Jack Sparrow, along with musical guests The Failed Turner Music Projects, a special Lifetime Achievement Award and the CM HOF Class of 2008."

Nominating began March 1st (although sadly no one noticed until the night of March 2nd :S), and will end on March 30th. Go nominate your favourite CM'er for one of the categories!

The categories stand thus:

Best (Non-CM) OLP Site

Best Avatar

Best Emoticon

Best Fight/Rivalry

Best Thread

Bigest Speling Notzy (Who freaks out the most over bad spelling)

Chic-Fil-A Cow Award (Who has the worst spelling)

Biggest Spammer

CM Hottie of the Year: Female

CM Hottie of the Year: Male

CMer With Most Notorious Sig/Avatar (example: Robbo's MG/Axtech, Soozy's Soozy, etc.)

Horniest CMer

Most Artistic/Creative CMer

Most Conservative CMer (In the non-political sense)

Most Controversial CMer

Most Friendly CMer

Most Influential CMer

Politik! (most political CMer)

The Lurker Award (your favorite CMer who's never posted)

The Other Bands (who rules this board almost as much as OLP)

n00b of the Year (I think we actually had a few people this year. Be damned if I know who they are though)

Matt Award for Violence (Thread with the Most Fighting)

Most Likely to be Banned Next (or again!)

The Kathy Beer Award (Best Drunken Poster) (Renamed in honor of last years winner)

CMer You'd Most Like to See Return

2007 Meetup of the Year

Hub Award: Bootleg of the Year (From 2007 or the 12 Days of OLPness)

For those who may not be familiar with the Oskar process, you head over to the appropriate section in the CM (not here) and simply nominate whoever you think is deserving of an award for that category. After nominating ends, threads for each of the categories are made in which people vote from the people nominated.

Go nominate!!!
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