naveed_life (naveed_life) wrote in cm_net,

What's your name? SARAH BABY.
What’s your cm username? Random Name (I know, Har har)
What's your gender? No peen for me.
How old are you? Whats with all these questions anyway...
Location? a/s/l?~
No? j/r/s?
Favorite musicians/bands? I enjoy that wacky music thing that emits from these speaker things. I like lots and lots of music. I collect it. And put it in bottles. It's like new age ships. (you know? ship in a bottle? How do they get them in there??)
Anything else you would like to add? My name is Sarah, and I'm a spamaholic. I know. Admitting it the hard part. Where are my 12 steps?
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teehee silly sarah