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The clumsymonkey.net livejournal community :O

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The 6th Annual Oskar Awards are here!!! [03 Mar 2008|03:59pm]

"Guest presenter Captain Jack Sparrow, along with musical guests The Failed Turner Music Projects, a special Lifetime Achievement Award and the CM HOF Class of 2008."

Nominating began March 1st (although sadly no one noticed until the night of March 2nd :S), and will end on March 30th. Go nominate your favourite CM'er for one of the categories!

The categories stand thus:

Best (Non-CM) OLP Site

Best Avatar

Best Emoticon

Best Fight/Rivalry

Best Thread

Bigest Speling Notzy (Who freaks out the most over bad spelling)

Chic-Fil-A Cow Award (Who has the worst spelling)

Biggest Spammer

CM Hottie of the Year: Female

CM Hottie of the Year: Male

CMer With Most Notorious Sig/Avatar (example: Robbo's MG/Axtech, Soozy's Soozy, etc.)

Horniest CMer

Most Artistic/Creative CMer

Most Conservative CMer (In the non-political sense)

Most Controversial CMer

Most Friendly CMer

Most Influential CMer

Politik! (most political CMer)

The Lurker Award (your favorite CMer who's never posted)

The Other Bands (who rules this board almost as much as OLP)

n00b of the Year (I think we actually had a few people this year. Be damned if I know who they are though)

Matt Award for Violence (Thread with the Most Fighting)

Most Likely to be Banned Next (or again!)

The Kathy Beer Award (Best Drunken Poster) (Renamed in honor of last years winner)

CMer You'd Most Like to See Return

2007 Meetup of the Year

Hub Award: Bootleg of the Year (From 2007 or the 12 Days of OLPness)

For those who may not be familiar with the Oskar process, you head over to the appropriate section in the CM (not here) and simply nominate whoever you think is deserving of an award for that category. After nominating ends, threads for each of the categories are made in which people vote from the people nominated.

Go nominate!!!
nothing dazzles me

[24 Apr 2007|01:23am]

[ mood | chipper ]



maybe i should change the layout for this community to match the new cm layout.

okay bye.


nothing dazzles me

shock and awe!! [19 Jan 2007|02:10am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

zOMG you guys! check out the cm's new look! but prepare yourself first, because if you guys hurt yourself from falling out of your chairs, matt'll be the one to blame, and there'll just a whole bunch of general unpleasantness about the whole thing, which is never nice!


http://www.clumsymonkey.net. just go there, okay?

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A quote for today [14 Sep 2006|09:31pm]

[ mood | sick ]

I can't remember all their names. Everyone you meet today is just so fucking vain.

I thought we could do a quote-a-day in this group, trying to keep it alive. That's mine.

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[17 Aug 2006|12:03pm]

i really love appearing on my own friends list.
that is all.
nothing dazzles me

*curtseys* [29 Jun 2006|03:13pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

What's your name (first name, or whatever you want to give)?  The Brookenator
What’s your cm username?  ...yeah, I don't have one. Whoops!
What's your gender?  I'm a gay man trapped in a lesbian's body. Or something.
How old are you?  21.5
Location?  Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
Favorite musicians/bands?   OLP, Oasis, Vertical Horizon, Pinback, Collective Soul, Counting Crows, 10 Years, She Wants Revenge... Mostly alternative music. And Shakira.
Anything else you would like to add?   I'm a random kind of girl who fell in love with OLP because of a road trip. You'll have to thank Uncle Mark for that. I like knowing things, too.

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[23 Jun 2006|01:01pm]

what up cm.net?!!?
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[04 May 2006|11:28pm]

What's your name? SARAH BABY.
What’s your cm username? Random Name (I know, Har har)
What's your gender? No peen for me.
How old are you? Whats with all these questions anyway...
Location? a/s/l?~
No? j/r/s?
Favorite musicians/bands? I enjoy that wacky music thing that emits from these speaker things. I like lots and lots of music. I collect it. And put it in bottles. It's like new age ships. (you know? ship in a bottle? How do they get them in there??)
Anything else you would like to add? My name is Sarah, and I'm a spamaholic. I know. Admitting it the hard part. Where are my 12 steps?
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[04 May 2006|12:39am]

[ mood | calm ]

hiya folks

just a matter that i'd like to draw all your attentions to. i took it upon myself a little while ago to put everyone's intro quizzy thingies into the community's memories, and i realized after a while that it was in fact, a fairly good idea, as i noticed that some people were getting confused as to who other people were (i know, i'm a genius, what can i say? :P although apparently not smart enough to actually let anyone know about this until now). they're not organized in any particular order, but i or the other mods can do that if people want, perhaps by username. of course, not everyone here has filled out one, so i will take this opportunity to urge everyone who hasn't yet to fill one out (it's located in the user info page for this comm) so that people that perhaps you know fairly well on the cm aren't commenting to you saying, "who the heck are you??"


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broken baby. broken good. [23 Apr 2006|04:33pm]


5 transparent human beings nothing dazzles me

okay I need some help here... [22 Apr 2006|05:04pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Okay, so I'm new in here as well as to CM, and I'm no exactly sure where to ask/post this, so maybe you guys in here can help me. I'm kind of frustrated with my tickets for the Vancouver 27th show. Backstory here, I live in Portland, OR. I'm from NW Washington, right next to the Canadian border, so the only music I ever listened to was Canadian, hence my love for OLP. However this has made it hard because they are a whole country away now that I've moved. Last October they were supposed to perform here in Portland, but unfortunately it was one of the shows that they cancelled due to a family illness, one week before the shows. I was really dissapointed, however glad to hear that everybody was okay, but of course, I knew they weren't going to make it up because Portland is not a big OLP hub. So my husband promised me that the next thyme they played Vancouver we would be there. And sure enough *yay!* we have tickets for the 27th. I wanted tickets for the 28th too, but we're driving almost 7 hours to get there, and two nights in a hotel is a bit much...I'm taking what I can get. This will also be my first OLP concert. Anyways...Our tickets are Center Orchestra, row U. I am really upset though because there are all of these tickets available now that are much much closer, and still center orchestra. Like right now there are tickets in row M available. The week before the concert!! I can't return my tickets, and as we are already spending at ton of money getting up there, staying in a hotel and what not, we can't afford to blow another $100 on new tickets. Is there anything I can do here?? I don't know, maybe I just wanted to vent my frustration and see if anybody else is having this problem too, but I'm very dissapointed. I mean I'm excited to see OLP and everything and I know that no matter where I sit the concert is going to be amazing...but still! Help!!

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livejournal adds [21 Apr 2006|09:50pm]
i don't know where else to put this message, so here we are. i've added katie and sarah to my friends list, because apparently they wanted to be added...uh quite a while ago...and i never noticed. oops. so, now they know. :P

i guess the second point to this message is that this community is a nice opportunity to go about adding your cmer friends' ljs to your friends list. so, yay! let's spread the love. if you want to add me, try to catch my attention wherever you can because i'm quite ignorant.

also, i'm not a deadbeat mod. :P

that's all
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BOO!!! [21 Apr 2006|03:58pm]

muah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

*does a dance*
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[19 Apr 2006|12:31am]

howdy kids
im posting this to show that im not a deadbeat mod.
big news!
olp is "touring"
theyre visiting some place called "canada"
im fairly sure all of these things are made up
im not a deadbeat mod
saman is on drugs.
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Yes, I'm a newbie, please don't hurt me!! [17 Apr 2006|09:20pm]

What's your name (first name, or whatever you want to give)? Sarah-Renee`
What’s your cm username? ainle, yeah, i'm that simple.
What's your gender? female
How old are you? 23 *I know, I'm old*
Location? Hillsboro, OR *Yeah, I know, I'm also a far cry from anything Canadian, but hey, you may be able to take the girl out of Canada, but you can't take Canada out of the girl!*
Favorite musicians/bands? Um, isn't that obvious?
Anything else you would like to add? I like penguins? Does that count?? I think it does! woot!
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GREATEST DAY IN HISTORY [07 Apr 2006|01:09am]

[ mood | accomplished ]


We shall commeriate the date that Sarah spammed the CMLJ soo much that she had to make her own thread about it.


Seriously. It's like I exploded all over the community.

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[02 Apr 2006|03:37pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

ladies and gentlemen,

the oskars are now open. let the games begin!

go vote!! *shoos everyone to the cm again*

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I'm too hip to be square [30 Mar 2006|10:37am]

Anyone who wants to make a square!!!
But are incredibly lazy...Click here kids!Collapse )
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