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okay I need some help here...

Okay, so I'm new in here as well as to CM, and I'm no exactly sure where to ask/post this, so maybe you guys in here can help me. I'm kind of frustrated with my tickets for the Vancouver 27th show. Backstory here, I live in Portland, OR. I'm from NW Washington, right next to the Canadian border, so the only music I ever listened to was Canadian, hence my love for OLP. However this has made it hard because they are a whole country away now that I've moved. Last October they were supposed to perform here in Portland, but unfortunately it was one of the shows that they cancelled due to a family illness, one week before the shows. I was really dissapointed, however glad to hear that everybody was okay, but of course, I knew they weren't going to make it up because Portland is not a big OLP hub. So my husband promised me that the next thyme they played Vancouver we would be there. And sure enough *yay!* we have tickets for the 27th. I wanted tickets for the 28th too, but we're driving almost 7 hours to get there, and two nights in a hotel is a bit much...I'm taking what I can get. This will also be my first OLP concert. Anyways...Our tickets are Center Orchestra, row U. I am really upset though because there are all of these tickets available now that are much much closer, and still center orchestra. Like right now there are tickets in row M available. The week before the concert!! I can't return my tickets, and as we are already spending at ton of money getting up there, staying in a hotel and what not, we can't afford to blow another $100 on new tickets. Is there anything I can do here?? I don't know, maybe I just wanted to vent my frustration and see if anybody else is having this problem too, but I'm very dissapointed. I mean I'm excited to see OLP and everything and I know that no matter where I sit the concert is going to be amazing...but still! Help!!
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